Any medium format camera you buy will likely have 3 possible film types for a back, 120, 220, or instant film. The cost of slide film and commercial development are equal to the cost of a 10 pack of Fuji instant film, making each exposure cost about $1 without shipping factored in. So, if both [...]

I uploaded this video to YouTube a week ago and thought it would be good to notify those on my blogs of it. As the title indicates, it is of assembling the camera and loading Fuji film. It has a beginning sequence I made when I was feeling creative.  Hopefully people who find the video [...]

The Beginning

September 1st, 2010

Why begin your photography hobby with a film camera and develop it yourself? It will actually take several posts and videos to answer that. But here’s the simple truth. You need a camera that has manual control of the aperture and shutter speed independent of each other. You also need large glass lenses, not small [...]