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Here I’ll show you how to make anything bigger on your film by getting your camera closer and using extension tubes, or macro tubes.

This is part 1 of 2 which discusses the benefits of the glass prism finder, using the rubber lens hood, which filters are needed for film, and why you need a pneumatic release. The second part is taking the camera apart (not THAT far apart) to show the ground glass, magazine adapter and so on [...]

I thought a video on how to take sprocket hole photos would be fun, so here it is. If more people used high quality cameras for this we could get clear, sharp panoramic photos with the holes on flickr, as right now they are all blurry and contain light leaking from toy cameras. As I [...]

Shooting how-to discussing depth of field to aperture relationship, the use of light meters, and developing the instant film.

I uploaded this video to YouTube a week ago and thought it would be good to notify those on my blogs of it. As the title indicates, it is of assembling the camera and loading Fuji film. It has a beginning sequence I made when I was feeling creative.  Hopefully people who find the video [...]