HyperReplica New YouTube Channel

Posted September 4th, 2011 by MMJC

I was using my JBitD channel to post videos on photography, but in the future there are more things I want to talk about, so that channel will be for general news. Now all future photography videos will be on the HyperReplica channel. I’ve also created a new Twitter account and Facebook page under those names. Follow buttons will be added somewhere on this blog soon.

In other news, I removed the WordPress search from the top and added a Google custom search to the left bar. Finally I added the share this buttons to the site. Hopefully these actions will help to connect this blog with people interested in this topic, so everyone can learn of new videos quickly, and my more detailed articles can be easily shared via bookmarking sites if you want to spread the word.

The foundation is almost done being laid.

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